Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump

If you’ve got a swimming pool, but also want to heat or cool it on demand, then Doel is your solution. Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump is compact in size and delivers great energy efficiency so it won’t take up too much of your home’s energy budget. Plus its 3.45 kW output means it will provide enough heating power to maintain a comfortable temperature at all times without having to run it continuously. Its remote control lets you adjust the temperature and circulates the water without leaving the comfort of your home. Order now!

Features & Specs

  • Heating Capacity:3.45 kW(11800 BTU)
  • Easy installation and low maintenance cost
  • High performance and  efficiency
  • 3962 gallons capacity
  •  5.7% High energy efficiency
  • R410A environmental refrigerant
  • Titanium heat exchanger (5 years warranty)
  • A Digital LED control panel and remote controller is optional.
  • Wide working range and automatic defrosting function
  • The long operating life of the compressor
  • Available with child lock

Doel Mini Swimming Pool Heater

The Doel Pro Swimming Pool Heat Pump 3.45 kW is an excellent addition to your poolside. The Doel 11800 btu Mini Pool Heater can heat a swimming pool of up to 15000 gallons, which is great for those who want to enjoy their pools more often as well as during colder seasons.

The device has a durable construction and is built with quality materials that will stand the test of time.

We recommend this product for anyone looking for an efficient way to heat their swimming pool without breaking the bank!

Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump Review

This heat pump is not a new product, but it still has all the features and benefits of newer models. It’s also less expensive than some other mini solar heat pumps on the market, which makes it appealing to those who don’t want to spend a lot on pool heating equipment.

The Doel 11800 btu mini swimming pool heat pump comes with two fans and one circulation pump, as well as an automatic start timer. This means that you won’t need any extra equipment or accessories in order to get started using this device immediately after purchasing it!

There are also several different settings for use outdoors: an automatic mode that adjusts based on your climate conditions; a summer mode for warmer climates; winter mode for colder climates; dry mode for indoor use only (which can help reduce costs); and wet/dry modes which allow users greater control over how much energy they spend heating up their pools versus maintaining steady temperatures throughout all seasons without having any adverse effects on either aspect. If you’re looking for something simple but effective then this might be just what you’re looking for!

Special Features

The heat pump will be installed in your pool and has a R410A environmental refrigerant, which is less harmful to our environment. With its high performance and efficiency, the doel brand can provide you with a quiet operational sound level that is below 50 dB during operation.

You can also choose between titanium heat exchanger (5 years warranty) or stainless steel tube heat exchanger. The digital LED control panel and remote controller are optional. It has an advanced design that allows it to work at a wider range of temperatures than other models on the market today, as well as having automatic defrosting function to keep your pool clean all year long!

1. High performance and efficiency

This swimming pool heat pump is an excellent choice for your pool. It has high performance and efficiency, which will help you get the most out of your energy budget.

  • High performance: The Doel 11800 btu mini swimming pool heat pump boasts good heat output, good heat transfer and good evaporation capabilities. These features make it possible to efficiently heat your small swimming pool while using less energy than conventional methods.
  • High efficiency: In addition to its high performance characteristics, this model also boasts high heating efficienc, you won’t have to run it constantly in order to keep your water temperature at a comfortable level during winter months or when chilly weather rolls around again (as long as you don’t live on the North Pole).

2. R410A environmental refrigerant

The R410A refrigerant is a replacement for R22, which is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and has been used as an environmentally-friendly refrigerant. Unlike its predecessor, the new R410A is not damaging to the environment. It also has a higher cooling capacity than R22 and can be stored at temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Titanium heat exchanger of Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The heat exchanger is made of titanium, which has very high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The good performance and efficiency of the titanium heat exchanger are guaranteed for 5 years.

4. Digital LED control panel

Digital LED control panel and remote controller is optional.

5. Wide working range and automatic defrosting function

The Doel 11800 btu mini swimming pool heat pump has a wide working range, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The compressor of the heat pump is protected against frost by an automatic defrosting function. This means that you will not have to worry about manually defrosting your unit when it freezes due to extremely low temperatures. The pump will automatically defrost itself at regular intervals during operation.

6. Operating life of the compressor

Compressors are the heart of a heat pump. They convert electricity into mechanical energy, which is then used to transfer heat from one area to another. A good compressor will last for years, especially if it’s made by one of the well-known brands such as Panasonic or Toshiba.

7. Easy installation and low maintenance cost

The product is easy to install. It only takes a few minutes for the installation process to be completed and you can enjoy your pool water in no time.

The maintenance cost is also low because it does not require cleaning or scrubbing like other heat pumps do. Moreover, there are no chemicals that need to be added during the operation of this device so you don’t have to worry about any safety issues with your family members around the pool area.

Last but not least, compared to other types of heating systems for pools, this one has a longer lifespan than others which means less maintenance costs in the long run (we’re looking at you expensive gas-powered models).

8. Includes installation kit

  • Includes installation kit
  • It includes installation instructions
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Includes installation brackets and gaskets for connecting it to the pool.

Why buy Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heater?

This is a good product. It offers excellent value, features and performance at a reasonable price. You can buy it with confidence.

This product is of high quality and will last many years if properly cared for.

Reasons to avoid

If you have a large pool, it’s best to avoid this product. The Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump does not have the capacity to heat up a pool larger than about 60-80 feet long and 20-30 feet wide.

Conclusion: Doel 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump

To conclude, the Doel 11800 Mini Pool Heater is a good choice for most people who want to heat their small pool. It has a lot of useful features that make it easy to use and maintain, as well as being powerful enough to heat most pools quickly without needing any extra equipment such as another pump or filter.

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