Coates Electric Pool Heater Review

The Coates Electric Pool Heater is a great way to keep your in-ground pool, spa, or hot tub warm. It is lightweight and portable, so it can be used on any type of filter pump or pool pump. It has an easy-to-use a digital display that allows you to set the temperature at which you want your water heater to heat up your water. This makes it great for both home and commercial use!

Coates Electric Pool Heater

Heating Time

It only takes 15 minutes to heat up!

This Coates 5.5KW electric pool heater is a great choice for any type of pool. The digital display makes it easy to use, and it can be used with any type of filter pump or pool pump. It also works well on saltwater pools, which makes it an even better option if you have one.

The durable construction means that you can expect this product to last for years without needing any repairs or maintenance. The heating element is rated at 85 amps, which means that this heater can heat your water up quickly so that you don’t have to wait long before jumping into the pool!

Coates Electric Pool Heater’s Digital display

The display is easy to read, easy to use and understand. The time, temperature and days remaining before a refill are all laid out in an easy-to-read format.

The basic setup of the unit was simple enough that I was able to do it without even referring to the product manual. There are two buttons on the front panel: one red button that turns it on or off; and one blue button that changes settings.

To turn Coates electric pool heater on, you press the red button; when you first turn it on, there will be an audible beep and then some information about how much propane is left in your tank will appear briefly on the digital display (this can also be seen by pressing any other button). Then after a few seconds, another brief announcement will tell you what time it is (in military time). After 30 seconds more, another announcement appears telling you how many days remain until your next refill needs to happen if using standard propane cylinders as recommended by Coasts products (you can set this up differently if desired).

A few more seconds pass until finally, we get one final announcement with information about how long since the last refill if using standard propane cylinders as recommended by Coates Pool Heater brand products, again this can be set up differently if desired with different types of containers or methods for filling them up like using a garden hose connected directly into a wall outlet rather than purchasing expensive bottles from the local hardware store where prices vary wildly ($15-$30 per bottle depending where purchased), etc..

Tub, hot tub or in-ground pool

The Coasts Electric Pool Heater is a great option for those looking to heat their pool or spa. The heater works with any type of filter pump or pool pump and can be installed in an above-ground or inground swimming pool. The heater allows for quick heating of the water, which is great when you want to swim or enjoy the benefits of using a hot tub.


This pool heater is made of stainless steel and can be used on a saltwater pool. This unit will work for pools up to 20,000 gallons.

The heater is easy to install, as it comes with all the necessary parts needed for installation including the power cord, expansion tank, and fittings. The unit itself mounts easily on the side of your pool wall or inside your pump house.

Usage with any type of filter pump or pool pump

We love the versatility of the Coates Pool Heater for Above Ground and Inground Pool Hot Tub. This heater can be used with any type of filter pump or pool pump and is compatible with saltwater pools, too. It also works well in above ground pools since it reduces evaporation by keeping your pool warm year-round.

Easy to use

One of the most common reasons people choose to buy an electric pool heater is because they want to save on their energy bill. There are many different types of heaters available, but one thing that sets this particular model apart is its ability to work with any type of filter pump or pool pump. This makes it ideal for use in above ground pools and spas. The unit features a durable design that allows it to be used in salt water pools as well as traditional fresh water ones.

The product comes with everything you need right out of the box, which can be really convenient if you’re not sure what else you might need! It’s also incredibly easy to install yourself; all you have to do is plug it into your existing power source and turn it on and start heating up your water!

Operation of Coates Pool Heater

Easy operation, has a digital display, small enough to use in the home, portable.

The Coast Hot Spring is an electric heater, which means it heats your pool with an electric heating element. This type of heater is the most common and popular by far, due to its ease of use. You just plug it in and turn it on, it doesn’t take any additional effort or maintenance on your part.

The Coast Electric Pool Heater has a digital display that makes it easy to set the temperature you want your pool/spa at (the highest temperature setting is 104°F), as well as monitor how much power is being used by the unit itself.

Pros & Cons of Coates Electric Pool Heater

Reasons to buy

  • Can be used in any type of pool (above ground, inground, concrete, vinyl liner)
  • Heats water quickly
  • Easy to install
  • Digital Display
  • Uses less energy than traditional heaters
  • No noise or fumes

Reasons to avoid

  • The flow rate can not exceed more than 80 GPH

Features & Specs

Name: Coasts 15KWName: Coates 5.5KW
Model No: 12415STModel No: 1240ST
Single PhaseSingle Phase
Watts: :15 KW Watts: 5.5 KW
Incoloy heating elementsIncoloy heating elements
Close differential thermostatDigital thermostat
Manual reset high temp limitManual reset high temp limit
Flow switchPressure switch
1-1/2″male NPT connections1-1/2 X 2″ Union connections for PVC pipe
Stainless steel tankStainless steel tank
Heavy duty contactorsHeavy duty contactors
Element, flow and high temp “on” lightsElement “on” light
Min. Flow Rate: 20 GPMMin. Flow Rate: 15 GPM

Conclusion: Coates Electric Pool Heater

If you are looking for an electric heater, it is hard to go wrong with the Coates Electric Pool Heater. It is easy to use and can be used in any type of pool or hot tub. It has a digital display that makes it easy to control the temperature, which makes heating up your water quick and easy!

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