My names Cody, I began my hockey fandom with the Winnipeg Jets; big fan of that Teemu Salami guy as a wee lad. But after many years of hockey absence, I began following the home team, Vancouver Canucks, after their team was particularly really good to my family through their mental health initatives including mindcheck.ca, hockeytalks, bellletstalk etc.

The past couple years I’d say my fandom ramped up to 11 or possibly a 12, and wanting to combine my love of critical analysis, hockey, and writing, I thought what better way, then to put my writing to use and pay for an AHLtv subscription and give Canucks fans an unseen thorough investigation and look at the Canucks farm team.

I have no formal training in journalism or writing, just was raised and surrounded by very clever and funny people who loved to write, so while the CometsHarvest might not have the most “professional” tone, the desire was to provide great analysis that clearly had passion, humor and critique that resonated with Canucks fans everywhere!

Hope you enjoy this hub for CometsHarvest writing and thanks for stopping by!